KLASSE provides additional returns on your farm

KLASSE distribueert wereldwijd varkensgenetica. Genetica die een voorsprong geeft aan afnemers voor de meest duurzame varkensvleesproductie ter wereld.

Access to the best genetics

Our customers produce high quality and sustainable pork.
We give our customers access to the best pig genetics. We distribute boar semen with high genetic value and high health. KLASSE wants you to benefit from the high genetic progress. Our goal is to deliver semen all over the world within 24 hours. KLASSE’s semen collection centers have special ventilation systems to maintain the high health status of the boars. From our office in the Netherlands, our KLASSE team is dedicated to transfer the high genetic progress to your production farms as quickly as possible. With KLASSE you will generate extra return at your farms.

Export & Logistics

Genetic progress for customers with a passion for pigs.
Leading pig producers all over the world inseminate sows with breeding semen produced at KLASSE. Our logistics has a wide reach with Amsterdam Airport having direct connections to many cities closely located to the main pig production areas worldwide. Pig semen is sent almost daily to customers all over the world.
Pig genetics export


KLASSE customers achieve top performance in pig production.

KLASSE customers have the best prolificacy results worldwide. Breeding and terminal boars with the highest genetic value are available for farmers to produce more sustainable pork.


With care for human and animal.
Through strict biosecurity, constant monitoring, assessing blood results and applying the latest research techniques, KLASSE maintains a high health status in the AI-stations.


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