A look through the semen-winning center KLASSE Son

Trotse jonge boeren sperma winstation Ilka

25/02/2022 Proud Young Farmers with almost 20,000 members on Facebook has asked Ilka to make a video. She takes you through the seme-winning center KLASSE Son. See how semen is collected and what the intro stable looks like.

Pigs Ki Twenthe starts collaboration with DanBred and KLASSE

15/02/2022 Pigs KI Twenthe can now also supply semen from DanBred boars to its members. An agreement was signed with DanBred and KLASSE Ki for this at the beginning of February. With this agreement, customers of the Twente cooperative now also have access to semen from DanBred Duroc boars. In the starting phase, DanBred Duroc […]