Export & Logistics

“All around the world, customers benefit from the best boars located at KLASSE’s AI stations.”

KLASSE is very experienced in shipping semen worldwide. Matings with boar semen with a high genetic value accelerate production performance at the farm. KLASSE developed the Boar-semen index (BSI) to ensure a good quality and shelf life. The BSI is a result of data gathering of single sire matings at partners of KLASSE. All this data is gathered daily and automatically integrated in software programs. All semen deliveries are temperature controlled, to keep the optimal temperature during transport. Dataloggers can be added to the package to register the temperature during transport by plane. Constant optimization of transport is key for our success.

“Breeding new generations of pigs all over the world within 24 hours.”

KLASSE offers tailer-made solutions for each unique situation to reach customers anywhere in the world, anytime. KLASSE’s logistics facilities have a unique location. The airport of Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, and Liège are all within an hour’s reach, which gives KLASSE an enormous advantage.

Due to the successful export strategy, KLASSE has access to the best genetics, giving our customers access to the best boars worldwide. .

varkensejaculaat vangen voor export
export van varkensgenetica

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