KLASSE customers achieve top performance in pig production.  KLASSE customers have the best prolificacy results worldwide. Breeding and terminal boars with the highest genetic value are available for farmers to produce more sustainable pork.

For decades, pig farmers from all over the world have been looking at the performance of DanBred sows and fattening pigs. The large population of pure lines of the Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc are unique in the world. In addition, the genetic research by SEGES, as a partner, and the transparent breeding program are an important pillar for genetic progress. Every year there is a publication of the realized progress of the 100,000 tested breeding candidates for the further improvement of the pure breeds.  

“Genetic advantages that KLASSE’s customers benefit from.”




MaxiMus The MaxiMus is from the breeding program of RA-SE Genetics. In the mid-eighties it was decided to breed a pure line focused on meat quality. Together with Choice Genetics, the MaxiMus is sold worldwide. The MaxiMus is well-known for the robustness and vitality of the newborn piglets. The MaxiMus terminal boar produces piglets that easily start up and grow up with a very low feed conversion.


The MEISTERpiétrain is the Piétrain from Bayern, Germany with a high lean meet percentage. Offspring of the MEISTERpiétrain is excellent for the German and Spanish market, aimed at a maximum yield of the carcass with low feed consumption. EGZH has a very extensive breeding program which is subsidized by the state of Bayern. Offspring are vital with an acceptable feed intake.


The db.77 is well known in the German market for a long time. This terminal boar stands for quality! The best carcass with excellent growth. This Piétrain terminal boar originates from the breeding program of BHZP. The db.77 produces fattening pigs with high growth and lean meat percentage . The db.77 is very suitable to produce heavy and lean carcasses. BHZP has a strong foundation in the German market and a wide range of boars.

DanBred Duroc

The DanBred Duroc is known worldwide as the terminal boar that produces the fastest growing fattening pigs. DanBred Duroc is very suitable to produce uniform fattening pigs with heavy carcasses and an excellent meat percentage. Due to DanBred’s large nucleus population and rapid genetic progress, the DanBred Duroc will contribute to maximum profit on the pig farm. DanBred Duroc guarantees good meat quality. Finally, the social character of the offspring is unique. “Eat & Sleep” and “Plug & Play”

DanBred Yorkshire

The productivity of the DanBred Yorkshire sows is the highest in the world. In In the breeding goal survival, growth, and feed conversion are the main traits to improve economy. In addition to large uniform litters, the piglet vitality is an important characteristic of the DanBred Yorkshire progeny. The number of pigs produced with DanBred sows is increasing, to further reduce the cost per pig produced. In every pig farm, the DanBred sow will have great added value.

DanBred Landras

The mothering abilities of DanBred Landrace sows guarantees many reared piglets. The combination of high growth with a high lean meat percentage makes the offspring unique. The DanBred Landrace is known for high milk production, vital and uniform piglets. The number of pigs produced with DanBred sows is still further reduce the cost per pig. In every pig farm, the DanBred sow will have great added value.

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