“High health status of the boars ensures high performance”

A high health status of the boars ensures:

Through good biosecurity, constant monitoring, assessing test results, and acting where necessary, KLASSE maintains the high health status of the boars in the AI stations.

“KLASSE has its own comprehensive monitoring program.”

In addition to the standard requirements imposed on AI stations by Dutch and European legislation, KLASSE has its own, strict monitoring and vaccination program. For several countries around the world KLASSE has additional monitoring programs, based on local requirements.

“KLASSE is continuously developing and collaborates with veterinarians and various laboratories to introduce the best technologies available.”

KLASSE focuses on the most practical and reliable test methods.
One of our focus areas is the collection of sample material with the lowest impact on the well-being of the boar. The boars experience less stress, which benefits the health, well- being, semen quality and job satisfaction of our employees.

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