Pigs Ki Twenthe starts collaboration with DanBred and KLASSE

15/02/2022 Pigs KI Twenthe can now also supply semen from DanBred boars to its members. An agreement was signed with DanBred and KLASSE Ki for this at the beginning of February.

With this agreement, customers of the Twente cooperative now also have access to semen from DanBred Duroc boars. In the starting phase, DanBred Duroc semen will be supplied by KI Twenthe via KLASSE Ki from Sint-Oedenrode. In time, the collaboration can be further expanded with housing DanBred boars in Fleringen.

DanBred and Varkens Ki Twenthe are delighted to start this collaboration. KI Twenthe also wants to be able to supply its members with DanBred genetics, if they wish, and DanBred Netherlands would like to provide this.

Sanne Oudhof, manager Boars KI Twenthe, “For more than fifty years, our cooperative has been supplying semen from the best breeding and terminal boars from various breeding organizations to our members in the Twente region. Our members want to use the best genetics, our cooperative ensures that these genetics become available”.

John Nijhoff, DanBred Netherlands, “The Twente region is an important region with many professional pig farmers who together produce about 8% of the Dutch pigs. With our collaboration, the members now also have access to the very efficiently growing DanBred Duroc genetics via the Twente cooperative.”